Thursday, 20 January 2011

Seche Vite help

Girlies, I need some help....

I bought a bottle of seche vite, have got about half way through the bottle and its now gone gloopy and more or less really sticky to the point where I can't get it to come out of the bottle!

Is there any way to rescue it? Is there anything I can put in it to thin it out and not waste my money?
If not is there anything I can do for future bottles to prevent this from happening altogether?

Any help would be appreciated muchly :)

Shel xx

I was disappeared....

...but now I am back!!!

Where have I been? I hear you all asking as soon as you see me pop up in your readers...

Well the truth is, I have been here but I have battling a few inner demons in my own wee head in regards to a few choices I need to make and also just been in a bit of a depression funk where I haven't wanted to do much nor had I any motivation what so ever :(

So just to catch up now, I am back - still not feeling the greatest in terms of headspace but have decided I need to get back to what I was doing (and enjoying) I am planning a whole new look and loads of new post ideas for this blog so please if I still have any readers out there then keep watch cos I am hoping to turn this into my fun outlet cos my life at the minute aint really!

The last post I done was 22.6.10 which is disgracful and am sorry I just abadoned you all but I needed to break away from everything and try to come to my decisions but given that its now 7 months later and I still haven't decided then its obvious am getting no where fast :(

I have a good few posts planned for the next few days so I am hoping to get them up before Monday and then start my new posting schedule :)

I have stopped using Twitter but you can still find me on Facebook and obviously email aswell which should be in my profile :)

I had a great Christmas, I went home to Ireland to spend it with my family and it was fab, just sorry I had to come back here then to spend New years on my own but hey ho thats life eh?

Oh...the posts you will see belonging to me over the next bit aswell will be either from my webcam or the manufacturers product photos as I lent my camera to my friend in the summer and she lovingly broke it and still hasnt replaced it :( just a wee pre-warning incase you are wondering where my "great" photographs where hehe!!!

Ok am rambling, its almost 1.30am I really need to try and sleep I have a doctors appt at 9.30!!!

Hope you all still interested in what I have to say and hope to catch up with you all soon

Shel xx

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