Saturday, 30 April 2011

Barry M Collection & Swatches *warning PIC heavy!*

Hi all I hope you enjoy this post! I decided to start swatching my stash and showing you all :)
I will do this over the space of a few days but hope by end of next week you can see my whole collection, I don't have as big a stash as some other ladies, at last count I had about 60 bottles.

Onto the pics, please feel free ask questions or if you want to know anymore about colours etc...

My Whole Polish collection
L to R - 279 Bright Pink, 308 Berry Icecream, 306 Blueberry Icecream and 307 Lemon Icecream

Now onto swatches -
Then I added my shatter collection on top of these colours

L to R - 315, 316, 314 and 311, these dont have names#

Swatches -
L to R - 66 Matt White, 296 Coral, 300 Acid Yellow and 305 Pink Flamingo

Swatches -

L to R - 310 Mushroom, 273 Raspberry, 292 Navy and 299 Racing Green

Swatches -
And last but definitely in no means least
244 Holograms (over the last 4 swatches)

I really hope you all like this post, comment and let me know if you like to see the rest of my stash like this!

Shel xx

Surprise Polish

Hi Girlies!

Yesterday I went back to Boots to pick up some more Barry M Shatter colours for a swap and discovered Models Own have released 2 shatter colours, Black and Silver!
I picked up the Silver as I already have Black and was really surprised to see it has fine shimmer/glitter to it! Its very pretty :)

Look at the gorgeous Sun shining in! I love it :)

This cost £6 at Boots, they are currently doing 3 for 2 on Models Own which I didn't know at the time D'Oh!

I will do swatches of it soon, I am currently swatching my Barry M collection to start showing you all my stash and swatches to get everything up to date on here

Shel xx

Friday, 29 April 2011

Essie Crackle Mani

Hi dolls

As promised here is the look I done last night with my new Barry M crackle polish

I used Essie Perky Purple which I recently got in a swap with MyLucidBubble, if you don't know who she is go check her out she is awesome :)
Click here to check her out!!!

The essie dries matte and is a really pretty colour after 2 coats the first coat went on badly but the second is amazing :) After the 2 coats I topped it off with the white crackle and this is the look I got I love it :) The only negative about this is that the crackle seemed to pull the base coat along with and kind of cracked the base too? very strange but I will definitely be trying more combos out soon

Hope you like it

Shel xx

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Long awaited MINI Haul!!!

Hi Dolls

Eventually today I managed to pick up the new Barry M shatter colours!!

Can you feel my excitement lol, I went straight from Boots to work and swatched them haha!

The Blue is a lot lighter than the pic shows, sorry for the bad quality I took the pic with my Ipod :(

I got them on 3 for 2 at Boots so paid £7.98 for all 3 bottles :)

I am currently doing a mani with the white and will show pics tomorrow in sunlight as its now dark and pics will be horrible

Have any of you picked these up yet? what do you think which is your fave??

Shel xx

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Free Hand Audrey Leopards :)

Hi all!

after a few times of attempting leopard print and failing badly i finally managed some that I am happy with, I also done a pedi in a different colour combo but I am not getting up outta bed to show you that right now I will take a pic later hehe :)

Here is my current mani which I will be taking off tonight and doing something new.

I used China Glaze "For Audrey" as the base, Black striper pen from ebay and a Poundworld Silver polish for the dots.

I would highly recommend anyone living in the UK to get that silver from Poundland if you can I am in love with it and have used it in so many manis already, I have been stalking my pound shop waiting on them getting a new delivery so i can pick up a backup (or two hehe)

Hope you all like this :)

Shel xx

Monday, 25 April 2011

Giveaway at the real polish princess!!!

Hi all

Sam over at The Real Polish Princess has an amazing giveaway going on right now for a bottle of the new OPI Pirates collection Silver Shatter

The giveaway is for 1bottle only and all the rules are on her blog, so click through and good luck :)

Shel xx

Under Construction

Hi guys

I firstly just want to say hello to all my new followers Welcome! :)

Secondly this blog is pretty sparse at the minute and that is because i am debating whether to close this one and remake a brand new blog with more structure as this one looks messy to me!

Let me know what you all think? I am hoping to have either a new one or this one cleaned up by the end of this week so any thoughts are appreciated

Bye for now
Shel xx

Friday, 1 April 2011

Blog Sale

Hi all

I am having a little sort of and have some stuff to get rid of - I am selling to Uk only at the minute as I need to build up funds so its pointless to be paying expensive shipping sorry guys

I will be having an assortment up and I will just add to this post I think, I am going to be adding everything today and will keep the sale open for a while prob bout 2 weeks before I put it on evil bay (or until everything goes :) )

I am open to offers on everything its only guide prices I will be posting - payment by cheque or postal order (preferably postal order)

I have an exciting post coming up for you all which is the reason behind my need for spondoolies :)

Also please check out my other blog as I will be selling all my craft stuff on there too!

First Up is some books
Bad Science £1 plus £1 p&p
The Book of Tomorrow, I have 2 copies of this £2.50each plus £1 p&p

The Secret Shoppers Revenge £1 plus £1 p&p
My Single Friend £1 plus £1 p&p
Spa Wars £1 plus £1 p&p
Mini Shopaholic £3.50 plus £1.50 p&p
Zara handbag £5 plus £3 p&p
Soap and Glory manicure gloves and Bath pillow both for £1 plus £1 p&p
Remington mini straighteners £5 plus £3 p&p

2 Nintendo DS games 7 Wonders and Puzzler world, both puzzle games and hours of entertainment £5 for both including postage

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