About Me!

Name: Michelle
Age: 27

Why did I start this blog: I started this as something for me to ramble on to, it was a lonely time when I moved to Edinburgh from my hometown and I needed a place where I could feel like I belonged so to speak lol! I gained a lot more from that, this little space has been amazing and I have gained many awesome friends that I didn't expect just from sharing my love of nail polish and other bits :D

How I got into Nail Polish: I answered this HERE so go check it out....my obsession started a long time ago!

Other Hobbies:
  • I like music a lot, I used to play various instruments and was very close to going to teaching college to teach both piano and flute.
  • I love to read, I am a bookworm and always have been, gimme a book and I will read it no matter what the topic is mostly
  • I love going to the cinema, I have a cineworld movie pass and use it as much as I can :)
  • I cross stitch in my spare time, I have been stitching from I was about 11/12 I think and use it to help relax me and it works!
  • I am the nerdy girl that loves learning and finding out about stuff, currently out of boredom I am taking my hobby (painting nails) and learning a lot about the whole industry by doing a nail technician course, Now I do not think I will ever progress this as a career but I love learning the "Proper" ways of doing everything etc etc...
  • See above for most of my likes :) 
  • I also like pink, glitter, sparkle, shoes, handbags, fashion, meeting new people, finding friends with the same interests, handwritten letters, chick flicks and man films, people who are nice for no reason, raoks and travelling
  • I hate rain, cold, un-summery weather, not being able to stick high heels for any length of time, rude people, people who pick their nose in public, films that make me cry and bullies
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