Saturday, 23 July 2011

China Glaze mini vs OPI mini

Hi girlies!
Todays post is a comparison between China Glaze minis and OPI minis as I am sure you all know by the title ;)

The Next 2 pics are my mini collections from both brands
OPI Whats with the Cattitude, Fiercely Fiona, Rumple Wiggin, Who the Shrek are you and Extravagence

China Glaze White Cap, First Mate, Life Preserver and Ahoy
I got all these from my Sallys before they closed down, other than Extravagence which was in my glossybox.
The OPI Shrek set we reduced to £6 something from £12, compared to £11 for a full size bottle.
The China Glaze set was £12 full price, compared to £6.49 for a full size bottle.

In US dollars the prices for these would be approximately $9.78 for the OPI set and $19.57 for the China Glaze set!

On the left is a China Glaze mini (pink) compared to a full size bottle.
 (sorry about the rotated pics blogger is insisting this is the way he wants them!)
And on the right a OPI mini (lilac) compared to a full size bottle.

The bottle comparisions are as follows -
China Glaze Full size - 14ml 
China Glaze Mini size - 9.6ml

OPI Full Size - 15ml
OPI Mini size - 3.75ml

Also just to throw in the mix, a China Glaze mini is almost the same size as a Barry M with Barry M bottles coming in at 10ml

Here you can size the comparison between China Glaze and OPI mini bottles, a massive size difference!

Brush Comparisons, with both being mini size you can expect the brushes to be a lot smaller than the normal size bottles, I find the China Glaze still very easy to work with as the handle and brush are still a regular size (when comparing to Barry M) the OPI on the other hand has a very small handle and the brush is also teeny and very close to the base of the handle.

The sets seem to be released in packs of 4 bottles and come out with most new releases lately. You won't get all the shades in mini sizes, just 4 selected from each new release, as you can see these ones were from OPI Shrek collection and China Glaze Ahoy collection.

The formulas are the same as normal size bottles for  both brands neither has skimped on the production just because its smaller.

Value for money - when you break the packs down into individual bottles my OPI set worked out at £1.50 a bottle and the China Glaze £3 a bottle, I would still say that the China Glaze has a lot more value for money due to the amount you get plus ease of use.

I think this is all I have to say now on these, if you have any questions or think I have missed something leave me a comment please and I will be sure to edit it into this post :) 

Thanks for reading

Shel xx

PS- I will be showing a NOTD with 2 of these polishes either in a bit!


  1. This is a fab comparison sweetie! I never knew how big the mini china glaze was compared to mini opi's. 3.75ml just isn't enough polish for me to ever invest in =-/.

    /Hugs x

  2. Thanks for this! I've never seen the ChG minis anywhere so I had no clue how large they were.

  3. Wow mini opis are so tiny!! Great comparison, thanks for doing that good to see.

  4. Nice post :)

    Oh I love those OPI pastel colours :)


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