Saturday, 16 July 2011

Pictureless Post

Hi all

Again I am back, I just want to update you all about whats been happening with me and stuff since I have been away...

The reason I have been away is because my laptop broke, I tried using my Ipod to post blogs but I don't like any of the apps for it, if anyone has recommendations please let me know...

So in the time I have been away here's what has happened (I am not going to go into too much detail on everything lol)

  • I broke up with my boyfriend of almost 5months, he decided he was going to move away from here and basically said he didn't want to be with me, believe me I was destroyed over this, he didn't want to give the relationship a chance at all.
  • A week later (3rd June) I was made redundant, I knew this was coming anyway but was still very hard to deal with. I have never been unemployed since I started working at 17, so now at nearly 28 facing unemployment was a very scary prospect especially in the current climate.
  • I met someone new pretty soon after me and G broke up, he quickly became my boyfriend (not a replacement for G) but I am very happy with him although taking things slowly do not want to get burned again!
  • Got a new laptop, I got a loan for the money to buy it as I will be getting a redundancy money package next week so knew I could easily repay it.
  • I went on holidays to go see my mammy and my sister...the holiday was already payed for before I was made redundant and I didn't need much spending money at all
  • Came back to Edinburgh 6th July, had a missed call on the train home which was for a job interview. Got home returned the call had an interview and was invited for a second interview the next day. I had the 2nd interview the following day which again went well.
  • Got a call to invite me to a 3rd interview for the same job which would be 4hours long, I attended that Thursday 14th July and on the morning of the 15th I got the call to offer me the job!!! I am so relieved that I got something soon after the redundancy because I was very scared!
  • The job is in Glasgw and I am hoping to be moved there by the end of August :)
That takes me up to today and up to date :) I didn't want to go in depth on everything but definitely wanted to share whats been happening around here!

I will be posting a lot more regularly I have a list the length of my arm to get wrote lol!

Thanks for sticking by me, since I have been away I have hit the 200 mark on my followers (now 217) I will be doing a giveaway of sorts, I will post more about it tomorrow

Shel xxx


  1. Aw wow, even though quite a few not so good things happened, it just goes to show that things get better! I'm so so happy everything turned around for you- the new guy, the new job, the new laptop, good for you! :-)

  2. yey you'll be back to blogging! your life was definitely a rollercoaster! but it looks like everything is going smooth now. i wish u the best of luck on the new job and relationship :)

  3. that sucks what happened, but you seem pretty strong & you'll get on top of things. & ooh la la! a new bf haha, hope all goes well! ^.^

  4. Wow you poor thing, I admire you for being one strong chicka!
    so happy to hear things are looking up, and they do say things happen for a reason so u were meant to loose that dude and job and start fresh how exciting that your moving that's pretty awesome good luck sweetie pie and congrats on getting over 200 followers that's freakin sweet.

  5. P.s I have iPhone and I use a blogger app called blogger+ it's pretty good that's mainly what I use all the time for blogging u just can't make your pics clickable that my only complaint but other than that it's decent .

  6. Hi :)

    Oh man, that blows. I’m sorry. Well, guess what that guy doesn’t deserve you. Let him go. You’ll find someone much much better. You’ll have fun and sucks for him cuz he’ll miss out!

    That’s good. See, told you! :D Take it slow and have fun!

    COOL! Yay you can blog again!

    Congrats on the new job! Rock it, girl!

    xoxo, Bree

  7. Whew, that's a lot for you to get through in such a short time! Glad you've come through it to a good place.


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