Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Nail polish storage!

Hi All!

Today I am going to show you my nail polish storage now that it is organised a bit better :) I am currently building up a pile of swatch photos which I will be showing by brand over the next wee while!

So here is my storage, its a 3 drawer trolley which I got from Argos for all my UK readers. I think it was £12.99

On top of the trolley I also have a cleaning supplies carry all which I got in the pound shop

This holds all my removers, files, base coats, top coats etc etc, the buckets at the back are laundry tablet boxes with my fimo and stamping stuff in the pink one and in the purple is more files and stuff

Now onto the fun stuff :)

Top Drawer -

Contains another pound shop basket with all my stripers and then boxes with my rhinestones.

Middle Drawer -

The middle drawer has all my polish that I actually "collect" China Glaze and OPI furthest away from you, Barry M in the middle of the picture and Collection 2000 closest to you in the picture.

Bottom Drawer -

This contains random polishes I have got in swaps, Jessica, Milani etc and also some polishes from here Stargazer, Nails Inc, Miss Sporty among loads of others :) It also contains brushes and acrylics which I bought and have not tried yet lol!

I hope you like this post, you will see all the polishes in more depth soon!

Shel xx


  1. Oooo I love these posts.
    Fab collection hun!

  2. thanks for posting! i'm loving the layout of your site, btw. super cute!

  3. Ooo I love seeing peoples stashes!! I havent photographed mine since I got my helmer...scared to look in there!!


  4. love ur background!And you've got so many pretty polishes, lol. I'm giving you a blog award:


  5. OMGG! I love seeing stashes :)

  6. You got this in Argos? Hooray for having them in ireland! Totally gonna get this lol:P

  7. Love this post! Storage posts are always great for thinking of new ways to store your things. You have such a variety of polishes! :) x

  8. wow! you have a lot!!! storage posts are the best, it encourages me to organize my stuff. lol!


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