Sunday, 11 September 2011

How I tame the beasts AKA...eyebrows!


Today I am going to run through how I shape/tame my eyebrows, I have quite thick natural eyebrows but they have a good shape to them so I generally just tidy them up...
Heres what I use...
Wax Strips, Spatula, Tweezers, Scissors, Spoolie, Boiling Water (for the wax) Wax, Cleanser, Cotton Pad


After Close Up
I am by no means an expert at shaping my brows, nor do I claim to be, I just wanted to share what I do.

Heres what I do...
  1. Warm the wax in hot water, I leave it in for about 5-10 mins
  2. Wax in between my 2 brows and tweeze any stubborn hairs that don't want to move
  3. I always do my left brow first...I wax above my eyebrow first, I know you aren't suppose to but I always have a big bushy part there that isn't in shape with the rest of my brows
  4. Wax underneath my brow following the natural curvature
  5. tweeze any strays from both above and below
  6. Next I take my spoolie brush and brush all the hairs upwards so they are all pointing up, then I take my small scissors and trim the hairs if they go above the natural line. This way if my brows do get messed up they still look in shape as you can't see any bushy hairs sticking out of place  ;)
  7. Repeat for the right eye.

Thats all I do for it, nothing special and nothing professional but at least it tidies them up, saves me a few pounds and keeps them maintained!

Any questions pop me a comment below and I will be happy to answer

Until next time...
Loves and Hugs

Shel xx


  1. great idea, to shorten the hair with scissors, so it doesn´t look messy :D I will try that ;)

  2. Nice post! My brows are a nightmare because they don't really grow past the arch, especially on the left side and I'm no good at drawing them in.


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