Monday, 12 September 2011

My 5 Fave Iphone/Ipod Touch Apps!

Today as the title suggests I am going to let you know my 5 favourite apps for my Ipod Touch. If anyone knows me they know that my Ipod is my pride and joy I never leave home without it...I would go back and get it if I forget it lol!

1. Facebook...this goes without saying this is my addiction! I am on it from I wake til I go to sleep everyday, its the first thing I look at it in the morning and the last at night! sheesh...addict much ;)
2. Tiny Tower...I don't know why but I love this little game, basically you build a tower of shops/apartments etc and keep building lol! nothing exciting but I play everyday hehe!
3. Words With Friends...this is just like Scrabble, I have the free version and its great, I play all the time, you can connect to your Facebook and Twitter friends and play games with them.
4. Iperiod...this is the most helpful app I have and I love it. Its basically a period tracker but its very dicreet and awesome. It calculates your due dates and ovulation times, cycle length and all that, its really good for me because mine are all over the place lately so can keep track here and not forget which I do easily as my body loves to play tricks!
5. all know about this one I am sure, its a camera app with loads of little settings and changes you can make to your pics, loads of fun to play around with and you can get some amazing shots from this app!

Well thats my top 5 folks, I hope you liked them! Leave recommendations in a comment below for me as I am always looking for more greatness :D

Until next time
Loves and Hugs 
Shel xx


  1. I love my iblogger app it allows me to do all my blogging from my phone! I need to check out this instagram, great post.

  2. $%^* - I installed Tiny Tower after reading this and haven't left my phone alone in the past 5 hours :D HA HA HA - Thanks for the new addictive app :)

  3. Tiny Tower is one of my favo' too, but after an update of the game I can't play it anymore...


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