Thursday, 8 September 2011

Nail Polish Storage


Today I am showing you all my nail polish storage and kitbag just so you can all have a wee nosy I love seeing how others store all their bits and pieces and thought you all might enjoy it too :D

This is on top of my 3 drawer trolley which I got from Argos. So on top I have a Poundland cleaning caddy which holds all my nail art stripers on the left side, the little square box holds all my stamping stuff. On the right hand side I have 3 laundry tablet boxes which hold, my nail wheels, foils, containers, sponges, dotting tools, rhinestones etc...

Top Drawer - Barry M's and China Glaze, these are my 2 favourite brands so I like to keep them seperate cos I am weird :D

Middle Drawer - This holds all my polish that I have 2 or more of. Collection 2000, Wetnwild, LA Girl, Milani, Ciate, Avon, Revlon, Stargazer, Sinful Colors, Nails Inc, OPI and Jessica

Bottom Drawer - Holds all my random lonely polishes. Hard Candy, LA Splash, Misa, Dr Remedy, Borghese, Miss Sporty etc...

This is my kit bag which I got with a ton of supplies when doing my Nail Technician Course
Inside the bag, it holds quite a lot and still remains streamlined and easy to carry about when taking it anywhere. In this at the minute I have all my basic manicure stuff, files, base/top coats, bruses, cuticle creams, buffers, clippers and so on...

I hope you liked to see inside my storage and sort of a mini collection also...
Until next time...
Loves and Hugs
Shel xx


  1. i had no idea you were a nail technician! that's cool!:) . i like your storage! .

  2. Thanks for sharing, my fav brand is Barry M too :) xx

  3. Ohh I love seeing peoples storage solutions too! This is awesome:) I love the storage you have going on:)

  4. Wow, I'm so impressed with your organization!

  5. Thanks for sharing! Great storage!

  6. thanks for sharing I love seeing ladies organization. I wish my stuff it fit all together like yours.


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