Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Ebay Haul Part 2

So here is what the posty brought me this morning and I am still waiting on another 6 or 7 packages :)

So todays haul got me a ipod strap thingy for when I go running ( or I my case - tripping over myself ) eventually :)
I also got a package of teeny dried flowers for my nails ( will show a close up pic in a min ) and 10 rolls of nail art striping tape, the colours I got are

  1. Green Solid
  2. Purple Holographic
  3. Gold Holographic
  4. Silver Solid
  5. Light Pink Solid
  6. Mid Blue Solid
  7. White Solid
  8. Gold Solid
  9. Dark Blue Solid
  10. Red Solid
I am looking forward to playing with these :)

Heres a close up of the little flowers they are sooo cute :) I love them, need to figure out ways to implement them though!

Hope you like everything so far, if you want reviews or such just let me know and I will happily do them for you all!

Shel xo


  1. Great buys! How much was the ipod strap? I'm thinking of getting one myself xx

  2. OoOoOh what are you going to make :-D?

  3. oh nice! I am trying to get all the nail striping tapes, so far I have silver lol.

  4. Ohh those tiny flowers are lovely! Do you have a link to the seller?

    Sarah x


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