Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Movie Review 2 - Street Dance 3D

On Sunday 6th June I went to see this film, I had wanted to see if since it came out as I love the dance movies so Sunday it was a pretty grey day outside and rained most of the day so I took it upon myself to go to the cinema.
I also took a huge step and went to the cinema to see this on my own which is something I would never ever have done when I was back home, but you know what I actually quite enjoyed it lol!

I loved this film, it had a good little plot line and the dancing was amazing, the 3d was ok, I am still getting used to 3d and this was only my second film in 3d (the 1st being Avatar) so I think to compare both would be totally unfair!

I totally enjoyed this film and it helped a lot that the main guy in it was totally hot hehe!!!
Go see if you like this kind of thing, I doubt you will be disappointed :)

Shel xo


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