Sunday, 20 June 2010

New Blog outlets to contact me -

Ok, so some of you may already know but I have hooked myself up with an email address specifically for this blog so I am not mixing up all my personal stuff with my blog stuff etc etc etc...

my email address for here is ifitshinesitsmines dot googlemail dot com

While I was at it, I also decided to open a formspring account just for fun to see how that plays out, I have of people getting nasty questions etc and if that happens I will be taking it down

my user name for formspring is ifitshines

And you all already know about my twitter but its feeling left out so my twitter username is irishenchanted

Feel free to drop by any one of those at any time for a chit chat or if you have a question or whatever :) I am online the majority of my time at home so you'll find I will get back to you pretty quickly :)

Shel xo

(edited to add - I have put a formspring question box on the left hand side so you don't actually need to go to the site)


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