Friday, 11 June 2010

Ebay Haul Part 4

This should be my second last ebay haul or they may be another one after that I am wating on 2 more packages now and thats it til next payday hehe!!

Heres what came this morning

90 Ed Hardy Nail Decals I love them they are cute! There is 10 of each design so if I wanted I could have a full manicure with each of these designs but I will use maybe 1 or 2 at a time :)

Next up is something I have been wanting for a good few months now from I started ready "beauty blogs" Pardon the picture I think my camera is on the way out :(
Can you guess what colour it is!!!

China Glaze For Audrey, paid mega expensive for it but really wanted to get it :)

Oh well! When a girl wants something you gotta pay for it lol!

Next up is a NOTD Post as promised woohoo!

Shel xo


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