Monday, 17 May 2010

Another Question Answered (how I got into Nail Polish)...and NOTD featuring Instyle Candy

Ok so last week when I asked if anyone had any questions they would like me to answer, Susie requested that I talk about my love for nailpolish and how I got into it?

Well Susie here is your answer my dear :)

When I was little I was the biggest and I mean biggest tomboy but I didnt like getting dirty or anything like that haha but I always had my nails painted for some strange reason lol!
My mum wasn't the type that wore makeup everyday (only on special occasions) and she never wore nail polish (even to this day if you paint her nails she will pick if off straight away!)

I always had nail polish though cos I had one aunty who I seen regurlarly and always had her nails painted so I can only assume that is where my nail polish obsession came from lol!

I always used to watch her and want to copy her, my actual need for my own polish and stuff i reckon came around the time I started high school and seen everyone else having all their own stuff so thats where it really took off I reckon.

I was never really a collector as such I just grabbed whatever nail polish I liked the look of and once I got fed up with it, I gave it away or threw it away.
Before I moved over here to Edinburgh all my nail stuff was given to my sister, so I came to edinburgh with a french manicure set of polishes and that was it! Now I am starting afresh and learning so many new things I am loving it, it feels like a new beginning and I am happy with that...

I want to get to learn how to freehand nail art and do more Konad, I am currently compiling a mental wishlist of which brands I wanna try and such aswell :)

Well I think that is my nail polish history all up to date, I hope you enjoyed reading!

Shel xo

ps - I thought I would put todays manicure picture in here aswell saying as we are on the topic of nail polish :)


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