Friday, 30 April 2010

Hauls! (warning Picture Heavy)

You have all been warned this is a massive picture heavy post!
I got paid on Wednesday and because of all you lovely enables I went into town to find some things I have seen blogged about...of course I had to pick up some others aswell Lol!
Then because that wasnt good enough I also went yesterday too and treated myself a few other things and a haircut (which was badly needed)

What I will do is post Wednesday's Haul here and then yesterdays in another post.
( I will try to put prices where I remember aswell)

reduced to £7 from £30!

I will wear this with these which I already had

Next up

Simple navy shift dress this was full price at £7 there is a coral colour in it too which I am going to go back and get tomorrow
I wore this yesterday to work along with the white cardy and shoes coming up it was sooo comfy :)

Cute little white cardy with ruffly (is that even a word!) shoulders, this was £15
Look how super cute these jammies are! They were reduced to £5 there is also black in them which I am toying whether or not to go back for them when I go to get the coral dress!
The bottoms of these are long length and then a normal tshirt.
Next we have these little white pumps which were £10 and the black gladiators sandals were £15
Belt £5.99
Cosmetic bag, its kinda quilted and super cute I reckon.
This was either £2 of £3 I cant quite remeber :)
Earrings £1.99
Assorted black/silver bangles these were £5
This is quite a long necklace but gorgeous on this was £4.99
This was £5 also I think
And these earrings are my fave jewellery item of that haul they were £2.99 and so comfy to wear :)

Ok I changed my mind about putting all my wednesday haul on the one post this one is mega as it is...
I will do another one now with the remainder of the wednesday one then another with yesterday :)


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