Friday, 30 April 2010

Wednesday Haul part 2! (pic heavy)

Part 2 of Wednesday's Haul! I didnt realise how much I bought haha
The first things are all from internacionale
Cream cami kinda top was £5
White bodysuit was £5 I think
Oversize sheer coral tshirt was £7.99
Denim capris were £8
Black leggings £5

Now onto other shops and were I seen the enabling coming into play haha!

Left - Super strengh nail polish remover (Superdrug £1.99)
Right - Batiste Tropical ENABLED! (Superdrug £2.09)
Left - Skin/Hair/Nails multi vits (Superdrug £4.99)
Right - Cotton Wool pads, these are really soft and padded I love em! (Morrisons)
Left - Barry M nail paint in Coral ENABLED! I would never have picked up Barry M until I seen all the reviews on the your blogs :) (Superdrug £2.95)
Right - Gosh nail polish in Rainbow ENABLED! again I would never have touched Gosh products because of the price but this one is wearable over any polish so I gave in lol! (Superdrug £5)
Sleek Palettes in Sunset and Storm, I know have Sunset, Storm, Acid, Bohemian and Original. I think the only one I am missing is Safari? Am I right? Answers on a postcard please :)
These were £5 each
Sleek Blush in Flushed (Superdrug £3.29)
Hair grips (Superdrug £1.29)

The next little lot are all from the pound shop!
I love using baby oil when I am shaving my legs I dunno why I just do :)
The cooling mist for me is a handbag essential once it starts getting warmer so I am going to start stocking up now hehe!
Do I need to put a description lol!
I wont be using these for actually applying makeup but I have seen a few sponging techniques on manicures so wanna use them for that :)

Last but definately not least for Wednesday's haul is some products that were definately ENABLED! I would never have went near this shop in a million years until I came across all your blogs its LUSH!!!
This is what I got
Rehab (bottle)
Samples of Big and Retread as I didnt want to pay for the big tubs if I didnt know they were going to agree with my hair!
Charity pot
the soaps I got were
I Should Coco ( i think this is my fave scent so far)
Porridge Soap
Honey I washed the kids
Ice Blue and

I also got a shower emotibomb thingy but I used that as soon as I got it haha so obviously cant take a pic of it!
I must say the atmosphere in the Lush shop and the sales girl I was speaking to were absolutely brilliant, because it was my first time in a Lush store I even got a personal tour and demonstrations, I got samples and conversation, something you wouldnt get in a normal shop! I think I am a convert :)

Ok that is all for Wednesdays Haul will need to give my fingers a rest before I start typing up Yesterdays haha!


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