Saturday, 10 April 2010


Hi All!

I thought I would start my new blog venture with a little about me...

I am Michelle...a 26 year old currently living in Edinburgh, Scotland.

I am originally from Ireland but moved here in November of last year.

I love my new life here and with my new found happiness has come extra confidence, weight loss, a want to get to me that was years ago...

I have recently refound my love for makeup, nail polish, jewellery etc... Don't get me wrong I always wore those things but always neutrals and I tended to stick to the same old thing that I knew worked...

BIG Changes!!!

Now I am a bit more confident in me I am experimenting more hence why I recently came across a lot of beauty/makeup blogs etc.

I am going to start my own just to have all my ideas and stuff out there in the universe!

I have a few ideas for posts in the next few days so please check back soon :)

Shel xo

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  1. Thanks for the background :) I'm part Scottish and Irish- if I ever make it across the pond perhaps we'll have to go on a shopping trip!



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