Monday, 17 May 2010

OOTD 17/05/2010

Here is todays outfit, super comfy summer dress from Matalan buy it here, they dont have my colour on their website anymore but there are 2 other colour options, this dress was £12 and I love it, this is it's second outing already along with the shoes below hehe!

These are kids dept gladiator sandals, they are from Dunnes so again I don't know if they are widely available in England, Scotland or Wales, sorry. These were a bargain at only £4!!!
I love having small feet :) (please note the shoes are not too tight or digging into me at the top its the way I had my foot angled for the pic lol)

Here is the detailing on the front of the shoe

Don't you just love em! I DO!!!

Can I also say thanks for the tips on taking my OOTD pics, this one I tried with the vertical shoot and think it worked much better, I will keep practising and hopefully everyone will get better :)

Shel xo

Ps - coming up soon is my giveaway announcement!!! I am at 47 followers right now so I think I am going to just post it in a few days...I already have the majority of the prize in and I am telling you the winner(s) will be a happy girly :)

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  1. Love the shoes wish I had them but the look soo cute on you!


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