Saturday, 1 May 2010

This months weigh in!

Hi all, I weighed myself for this month on Thursday and I have lost another 6lbs grand total now 41lbs!!!
I have gone down another dress size and now weigh 12st 7lb I havent weighed that from I was at school.

I am hoping by going home next week wont set me back in my weight loss, you know what its like when mum and grans home cooking come into play haha!

Shel xo


  1. That is awesome work, I lost 50lb last year, now tryin to loose 20lb before getting married

    your doing great :-)

  2. wow! 50lb in a year thats great :)! i am looking forward to loosing more to make me get back to who i am

  3. Going home ALWAYS sets me back. I don't know what it is about home...maybe all the yummy food!!! Great job though!


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