Saturday, 15 May 2010

Review: Lush Big Shampoo

Todays next review is Lush Big Shampoo which costs £9.90 for a 330g tub

What Lush say about the product -
Sea salt shampoo for shine, softness and big endowments. This pot of oceanic goodness is 50% sea salt to give limp hair the volume it deserves, with seaweed infusion to soften hair and citrus juices for shine. After using Big, your hair will be bouncing back to life.

What I say about the product -
I am not sure whether I like this product or not and until I make up my mind I won't be buying the tub ( I got a free sample during my 1st trip into Lush)
While washing my hair it felt ok, once rinsed and that my hair felt clean but once my hair was dried my hair felt dirty again ( I don't know if anyone else has experienced this?)
So on that note I dont wanna to buy a product that doesnt leave my hair feeling clean as I don't know if this is normal or if the product just didn't agree with my hair?
Anyone else had this problem with Big???
In regards to the scent and texture I loved it and I would purchase it again if only my hair didn't feel dirty after it dried again :(

Wow I am banging these posts out today :)
Have another review planned along with 2 OOTD's (yesterdays and todays) I may even manage another few posts..maybe Susies request for how I got into nailpolish...

kiss hug kiss hug

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  1. I love the shampoo, the only thing is it makes my hair feel really dry no matter what conditioner I use. I still use it just for the smell, I love it! I wish there was a BIG conditioner.


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