Wednesday, 26 May 2010


Sorry haven't blogged in a few days I have been really ill with a bad migraine since Monday,

I cant even sit up I have been off work since 1pm yesterday and all day today, I have to go back in tomarrow but will see how it goes.

Just wanna say thanks to everyone that has commented and entered my giveaway and there is still another 3 days to go on it

I have jumped from 47 to 123 followers! And so far there is 75 entries for the giveaway I am really looking forward to getting everything sent out to the winners

Shel xo


  1. ahh hope you get better. i hate hate migraines! && congratulations on the followers xx

  2. hope you are feeling better soon. I get migraines too and they just knock me on my butt. Take care

  3. Huh, I understand u... I have sinusitis since looong years ago, and some days it's horrible... hope you get better soon, beauty ;) and thnk u to you for this awesome giveaway and for the way you're!



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