Saturday, 15 May 2010

OOTD: 14/5/2010

Here is yesterday's OOTD, I decided to start doing these as it will show all my new clothes I got when I was back home without doing a massive haul post as seriously I spent way too much money on clothes lol

Can anyone give me tips on taking full length self portrait shots, I cant seem to get them right and as you can see I have no feet in this one lol, I tried with a mirror but cant get it to work...any advise would be great :)

kiss hug kiss hug

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  1. This cardigan is gorgeous, where is it from?

    I tend to prop the camera vertically through what can only be an act of magic, delicately press the shutter so it doesn't collapse, run, pose, fail and repeat. I still find I have loads of excess in the picture in all directions so crop it down in GIMP.

    Hope this helps, glad to see you're back btw :)


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