Sunday, 30 May 2010

The question is How Long?

How long do you give people to respond to emails about winning your giveaways?
Just wondering I emailed everyone on Friday night and I am still waiting on a reply from 1 person...I am thinking I may draw another winner tomarrow night if I dont have a response by then what do you think?
How long do you normally leave it?

Shel xo


  1. Honestly - I give 24 hours. Most people check their email within that period. If they don't answer in that time period I move to the next person.

  2. I would give a couple of days at least. Sometimes things happen and can't always be at the computer.

  3. I have not answered your e-mail because I have not received it, if you could return to try it i would be grateful for it to you. Thank you!!
    PD: My email:
    Sorry for being late in answering, I could not have connected the weekend.

  4. I give up to a week - i went on vacation once when i won a giveway and it would have sucked if i missed out because i didnt have internet access.


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