Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Coleen Signature Eyes "Emerald Goddess"

Hey girlies! Today I am sharing the bargain of the week with you and doing a mini review plus eye look for you all!

I got this palette in SemiChem for 49p!!! I couldnt' pass up on that even if they turned out not to be too great but the formula on these are really pigmented and gorgeous! I bought 5 palettes all together and it didnt even cost for £2.50! I got 4 eyeshadow palettes in 3 different shades (I have an extra of this one I am showing today) and I accidently picked up a lip palette thinking it was another e/s one...oh well :)
Here is Coleen Signature Eyes in "Emerald Goddess" I don't know when these were released or how much the original selling price would have been sorry.
Again my laptop decides to turn pictures the wrong way grrr! So you can see 4 gorgeous green colours varying from a highlight colour way darker to a beautiful mossy green colour, I was well impressed once I got these home and had a peek (they were shrink wrapped in the shop so I couldnt open them)

Here is what I used to do todays look (minus my UDPP which I forgot to photograph)
Coleen Palette, Black 17 eyeliner, Avon Supershock mascara, Maxfactor freebie mascara (but super freaking awesome) and my old faithfull eyeshadow brushes. I only have these 2!!!

This is the look I got, I only used the shadows from the palette so as you can see I think it turned out pretty good! I have no other makeup on as its just too hot and I would be uncomfortable lol!

No Glasses

(sorry for the bad eyebrows I am growing them out to be re-shaped soon)


Hope you all like it, you can also see my natural hair here too hehe!!!

Shel xx


  1. I love the name of the palette, so irish sounding haha! The colours look really pretty and look great on you! What great value you got it for!

  2. That color is really pretty! I love green eyeshadow


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