Tuesday, 2 August 2011

My Fave Youtubers!

Todays post is a bit different, I am going to share some of my fave youtube peeps out there and hope that in return you will share some of yours so I can get more to watch hehe!!

My Ultimate fave is Louise from Sprinkleofglitter, she also blogs and I have been both reading and watching since she began, she is the most real and down to earth person ever, she has the ability to make you laugh with her and when she cries you cry too!

Cutepolish is another favourite I get a lot of inspiration from her and her tutorials are so fun and easy to do :) 

Marie from Bitsandclips is freaking adorable, baby beeble is gorgeous and she has a lovely home, I could listen to her all day her accent is awesome!

Last but not least another fave is Lorraine from Thecurrentboobies she does a lot of vlogs and her lifestyle just looks awesome I would love to swap her just for a day hehe!

Do any of you watch any of these girls? what do you think? who are your fave youtubers? recommendations in the comments please ;) 

Shel xx


  1. Ohh will definitely check these out Shel:) I would also reccomend Pixiwoo! They're brilliant:D Also have you checked out the Style Diet/Anna Saccone, love her blogs/youtube vids~

  2. i dont know any of those 2 girls but i'll check them out . if u like them i have a feeling i might do to . i love cute polish. her voice is so soothing. hahahah have u checked out LOVE4NAILS? she is pure awesomeness!! and of course my all time favorite . dollface ! .


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