Friday, 26 August 2011

Final Part of Nail Art Series plus Special Announcement!!!


Here is the final installment of my Nail Art Series inspired by Blogging friends. Every single girl I have done this for has been so so gracious and really got a kick out of it and that makes me all warm and gooey inside!
This one kinda decided it wanted to be a fail mani but I still think it turned out cute :D

This one was inspired by Jennifer over at TheExoticLacquer who is such a sweetie, go check her out if you haven't already!

I decided to use feathers and peacocks for this one and silver and purple polish to give the exotic feeling to it! The purple Jen may recognise as she gave it to me in a swap!

I used 
  • Sinful Colors Fiji
  • Poundland Silver (thee best silver I have ever tried!)
  • Konad White
  • Konad Black
  • BM15
Onto the mega second super duper part (well I think it is anyway...)

I am close approaching 300 followers and didnt want to do another giveaway for that, I wanted something my readers could properly participate in, this series just gave me the proper idea for it.

I am going to hold a contest now following on from this, a NAIL ART contest and the theme is my blog name...yes a little gratitous but hey ho I may as well saying as I had so much fun getting inspired by other blog names lol!

There will be a prize for this including 
  • Revlon Facets of Fuchsia (Deborah Lippman Bad Romance Dupe)
  • Colleen Green Eyeshadow Palette (a NEW one, I have showed a look done with this quad before)
  • Mini Benefit Benetint
  • Assortment of Sweeties
  • And maybe more depending on funds
The rules are as follows
  • Closes 30th September so just over 4weeks to get your entry in
  • Must be your theme inspiration to my blog name, quite a broad range that you could do really ;) 
  • Stamping/Freehand etc is allowed
  • Entries must be emailed to me with your blogname, full name and pictures of the mani, can be one handed or two I don't mind. EMAIL address at Contact tab at top!
  • You must have a valid email address for me to respond to so I can confirm you are in the contest and that I have received your pictures ok
  • On the 30th when the contest closes, I will make a post with all the entries and open it to public voting for 1 week. I will add a poll so everyone can vote anonymously for their faves!
That's it guys I really hope you all enter and have fun doing so! I know I did when doing this series!
Loves and Hugs
Shel xx


  1. what a great idea!!! *starts to plan entry*

  2. Oh Mylanta this is so pretty and it matches my blog I really like it!!!

  3. Oh, how fun! I completely SUCK at nail art (and no, this is not false modestly, lol) but I'll try, just for fun! What a neat idea. P.S. This mani (like the others you've posted in this series) is adorable. :) xoxo

  4. I'm bad at nail art too, but just for you I will try! :)

  5. This man does look very exotic good job, what a fun contest but just like everyone else is saying I also suck at nail art, but I still wanna enter we will see I guess.

  6. Yay, a nail art contest! That's awesome and great theme =D I've allways liked your blog name, so doing nail art inspired by it is going to be exciting :)

  7. Nail art contest! Had to have a think about this, but think I got my idea! Excitement :)

  8. Oh yah, found the contest (I remember now), I will come up with something!

  9. How many pics do you want? Do you want our blog name on the photo or no identifying marks?

  10. Hi Shel! Haven't seen anything posted on your blog in months, I hope you're okay! Is this contest canceled? I really would've loved to have seen the entries. Hope you are doing well!!


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