Sunday, 21 August 2011

Sunday Swag #2

Hi All!

Today is a collective post with all this weeks goodies, I did get some other things aswell that I will list at the bottom.

First up was a super awesome gift from Karin over at RinsNailFiles I recently helped her with some blog stuff and she sent all this as a thankyou I was so shocked I actually cried!

Nailwheels as I had been saying they were hard for me to find here, a gorgeous card, tic tacs, OPI hand lotion and 3 China Glaze polishes (OMG) She gave me Dorothy Who, Bad Kitty and Cosmic which were all on my wishlist!
 The rest of this was all stuff I bought and paid for myself with a bit of money I used to treat myself with to cheer myself up hehe!

 I got Bullions beads, Konad Black, Konad White, Konad Stamper/Scraper set, Bundle Monster Stamping plates, both sets.
And Bundle Monster 34piece brush set, no longer do I only have 2 makeup brushes to my name lol! these brushes are really good quality and so pretty the handles are a lovely burgendy glittery colour. I will do a proper review on these soon.
I also got a few things that I havent pictured, Nails tips and glue for a project I am working on and a Blackberry blinged out case for my little sister who recently got a Blackberry so I treated her too!

I hope you like these posts I have a few more bits to come, GlamourDoll Eyeshadows being one of the packages :D 

Next post I do will be Part 3 of my special Nailart Series, I should get that up tonight

Loves and Hugs
Shel xx

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  1. =) I'm so glad you loved everything...You are so awesome and sweet so I needed to thank you in a big way XXXX


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