Monday, 1 August 2011


Hi Girlies, cant believe it is August already this year is flying by, pretty soon it will be my birthday and Christmas :)

Todays post is a NOTD of a lemming polish I had for a little while, this is Marks & Spencers Rainbow, its a bit pricey than I would normally pay at £7.50 but its fricking linear holographic, yes I said it HOLOGRAPHIC!!! So on this one occasion I didn't mind paying for it :)

Swatch pic - indoor light so you cant see the holo too much but take this baby in the sunshine and oh my gosh but you need sunglasses on!!!

Bottle pic, click to enlarge you can see the holo better here :)

Because I am a dunce and was enjoying time with my boyfriend I forgot to take a sunshine picture but I will do as soon as I can for you all to see believe me it is awesome, I would recommend any UK ladies to hit up M&S right now :D

Shel xx

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  1. Love this shade! I love holographics and it looks gorgeous! great post xx


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