Monday, 22 August 2011

Faces of me! Photo Dump

Hi everyone! 

I was having a random look through my camera roll and decided to show you all some old face pics of me they are all so different lol! Some of these are as old as last November!

I decided tojust show these here as on the poll some have asked to see makeup so here is some styles I regularly wear. The first pic aint too attractive but I wanted to see what my hair looked like in the sunlight as it was shortly after I dyed it hehe!!!

Hope you like them, any questions leave a comment and I will be sure to reply

Loves and Hugs 
Shel xx


  1. How cute are you? It looks like we have almost the same glasses, too. Cool beans! xoxo

  2. your so pretty.!!! . and i love ur glasses!


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