Friday, 5 August 2011

NOTD featuring yesterday's surprises :D

Hey girlies! 
Today I just want to show you a real quick mani I done, testing out 2 of my pressies from sweet Caroline (who knows who sang that song? extra bonus squishes!) 

China Glaze LOL with Sinful Colours Frenzy on top of the accent nail!

I love how it turned out very sparkly in the sunshiny weather we have here right now :)

Accidental close up artsy shot but I like it :) Don't judge the cuticles this is my dominant hand so was painted by Mr Shaking Stevens aka my right hand ;) 

Thats all folks I hope you are all having an awesome day 

Shel xx


  1. Beautiful color on your lovely nails, it really makes the pic, love the sparkles and a must have for my wish list, LOL


    George :)

  2. That colour is so gorgeous on you!! Your blog is adorable :)

  3. Beautiful!! I'm glad you enjoy the polishes they look gret together!


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